Protect Yourself Against Wanna Cry Ransomware

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Please note the information below regarding the recent ransomware outbreak affecting Windows OS.

1.) What is WannaCry Ransomware

This is a specific ransomware program that locks all the data on a computer system and leaves the user with only two files.

i.)instructions on what to do next and

ii) the WannaCry Decryptor program itself.

Protect Yourself Against Wanna Cry Ransomware
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When the software is opened it tells computer users that their files have been encryted, and gives them a few days to pay up, otherwise the files will be deleted. It demands payment in Bitcoin, and provides a Bitcoin address to send it to.

2.) How can your system be affected

The most common ways of installing the virus are through compromised emails and websites.
Downloading a bad program or app, and visiting a website that is displaying malicious adverts can also result in an infected device.
For example, hackers could send a phishing email that looks like it comes from a valid source telling you to click on a link But it actually links to a malicious website that downloads the virus onto your computer.

3.) How to protect yourself against Wanna Cry Ransomware

Since this is a vulnerability in windows systems, Microsoft already provided patches which can help prevent it . Please update your systems which can help protect you from the ransomware.
The best way to protect yourself is to be suspicious of unsolicited emails and always type out web addresses yourself rather than clicking on links. Another key defense is antivirus programs that can scan files before they are downloaded, block secret installations and look for malware that may already be on a computer.

4.) How to Fix

Alternatively you can apply the patch by downloading it from the link provided below. Please take note of the versions and download the appropriate version for your Operating system.

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